Partners Porirua - Celebrating Young People 

Nichola Ahnau - Reds Hairdressing

Nichola's positive attitude and desire to learn have resulted in her becoming an extremely successful stylist. Nichola left school at 16 and Reds Hairdressing has been her only employer since December 2004. She has completed a National Certificate in Hairdressing during this time.

At The Porirua Business Excellence Awards function held on 29th October, Nichola was named the 2010 Young Employee of the Year.

Many of my team is 'Generation Y' and I have found Nichola to be exceptional in her clear vision of where she wants to go and her positive attitude which enables her to achieve her goals. Nichola is an extraordinary and essential part of our team." says Diana Beaufort owner of Reds Hairdressing.


Jewelz Kilino - Partners Porirua

Last year when the government announced a new funding scheme to help get young people into work, Partners Porirua was able to take on two new young employees for six months.

Jewelz impressed during her first six months with her eagerness to learn and her hard working attitude and so she was offered a permanent position and is now a vital team member at Partners Porirua. Part of her role is running the Drive Safe programme that she has previously taken. Her work duties include organising the programmes, liaising with participants, introducing the course to the attendees and following on their progress towards a full driver licence. She also looks after the website, updates facebook and assists with administration and special events.

I feel like I can connect more to other young people because I was in their shoes. I just want to help them out. I reckon I'm kind of fresh and I think that's why I get on well with other youth, I'm on the same level as them. I am also thinking more about my future as I have plans to continue with my studies towards a Diploma in Career Guidance; I am involved with the Porirua City Council's Youth Advisory Group; we discuss youth matters in the city and plan projects for young people. Being in this job has made me aware of my potential and what I can give to the community; I feel privileged to be working with a great team at Partners Porirua." says Jewelz Kilino


Craig Drayton - Whitireia New Zealand

Last year 23 year old Craig was employed on a nationally funded contract to expand access to paramedic education nationwide. In a partnership between Whitireia and Wellington Free Ambulance Craig has taken on a role which is quite exceptional for his age. The BHSC (Paramedics) is one of only two such programmes in New Zealand and is taught largely be experienced and well qualified paramedics. As the ambulance industry experiences a time of unprecedented growth Craig was charged with ensuring that the degree programme and the professional development programmes are available via distance learning to students around the country.

Craig was an outstanding example of a young employee bringing their knowledge of information technology into the work place." says Michelle Robinson, manager at Partners Porirua.


Chris Evans - Joinery Productions Limited

Chris was selected from New Zealand's best young apprentices to join the WorldSkills NZ Tool Blacks team at the national finals held in Christchurch in September 2010. WorldSkills International is a bi-annual competition open to under 23 year olds from over 50 countries to compete across a number of trade categories. Chris will be looking forward to representing New Zealand at an international trade skills competition in London October 2011.

He's the first apprentice that I've taken on that's achieved at this level and I'm happy to help out with preparing him London. All the team at Joinery Productions have been offering a bit of hands-on advice on what he's doing well and  what areas he needs to work on." says Wayne Wilmshurst, employer of Joinery Productions Limited.

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