Through our Education Partnership Projects, the children and youth of Porirua are given the platform to use their voice in helping to shape their community.  Most projects come from student and teacher ideas, what they feel is important in their community and what they are curious about.  By bringing in the experts, ideas are actualised and magic happens.

 We work with many local community groups and businesses to enhance the learning within classrooms, across the whole curriculum.  One of the best outcomes of these mutually beneficial partnerships is that students are exposed to possible future career pathways.

For example, just this year alone, we have had; lawyers, orchardists, motorcycle mechanics, the Mayor and City Councillors, CEO’s, Downer cadets, Microbiologists, HR companies, WREMO advisors, Youth Case workers, Rotary members and many more interacting with students across the city.

For schools, the delivery of the curriculum is enhanced and learning is made real for the students. The students see a purpose in what they are learning and gain expertise and resources not normally found in the schools.

For businesses, the benefits are access to the unique resources of innovative, uncluttered minds that can bring new and exciting approaches to the business world.

This win-win relationship results in raising the aspirations of students as well as developing the key competencies and skills necessary for finding their place in the working world.


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