Celebrating Young Employees

All too often we hear negative stories about young people lacking motivation and enthusiasm. To counter this perception Partners celebrates the amazing energy and excitement of young people with an annual award to celebrate young employees.

Partners Porirua sponsors the Award in conjunction with the Porirua Chamber of Commerce, at the Westpac Business Excellence Awards which are held each year.

In the past nominees have included apprentices, volunteers, cadets and young employees in sectors like fast food, sales and marketing, mechanical and recreational sectors. One non profit organisation nominated a volunteer who they could not afford to pay, but was working nevertheless.

The feedback from employers has been very positive. One commented that the young person they employed had changed their attitude towards the younger generation. Another said that working with young people had taught them how to be patient and listen. Another described a situation where the young person had turned their life around while in employment.

Some of the candidates were nominated because they have overcome some adversity or challenge in their lives and reading of their stories and their successes is very heartening.

All too often we hear negative stories about youth, and every day Partners Porirua comes across the most outstanding young people who deserve a chance.

Our mission is to enthuse young people about the working world by exposing them to career options, work opportunities and training. By creating the awards we have some excellent case studies to persuade all of Porirua’s employers that young people can make an excellent contribution to their profitability.

News - Celebrating Young Employees

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