Candis Wood at Titahi Bay school has been leading her students on a project which involves developing a new  Welcome Sign for Titahi Bay. “The pluses for me have been seeing the kids working together to further develop our ideas. Through working with Partners Porirua, the children have been supported to verbalise their own opinions and work through the process of consulting with others to make change,” said Candis.

“The best bit was seeing the students being in charge, with support, of course. They were leading conversations with outside resource people and really verbalising what they wanted with support from what the community said as well.”

candisThe project is a partnership with the Porirua City Council to put children at the forefront of community decision making.

For me, I love teaching at Titahi Bay School because this is the community in which I grew up in. Living in this area, you want your own people to do well. At school we  encourage our children to speak up and share their thoughts and ideas.  The kids  are keen to learn and want to be actively involved in their own learning –. Kids like to be challenged.

Jane Hocking from Partners Porirua said  “Candis is an outstanding teacher. It’s all about the kids – everything. It’s amazing how she makes the most out of every possible interaction with every child, especially during those busy moments at beginning and end of the day when it’s all go. She somehow manages to continually reinforce their worthiness.

It’s really obvious the students take this on board as when away from the class on projects, they’ve shown a great sense of belonging, pride and respect. You can see the twinkle in their eyes is being constantly fuelled. Look out if you ever ask their opinion – you have to make ensure you have more than 1 minute spare to listen!

Her students have an incredible ability to look at things from many different perspectives, and tons of ideas, great ones.  They are definitely tomorrow’s leaders!"

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