Outstanding Young Employee Awards

MANDA ROBERTS – Topor Bistro 


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Award winner Manda Roberts (17 yrs) with Partners Porirua Executive Director, Michelle Robinson

During an emergency situation for Topor Bistro, Manda stepped into the breach and filled in for head chef Valerie Askew, Her willingness to step foward meant the restraunt could stay open and she succeeded in maintaining high quality food presentation. She has nerves of steel and confidence in herself that she can do great things. For the future she sees herself being a well rounded chef who will be competent in all areas

ALOSINA PARSONS – Connect Global


wellington-event-photographer-124 (2)

Award winner Alosina Parsons (18 yrs) with Partners Porirua Executive Director, Michelle Robinson

Not only is Alosina a sales consultant undertaking outbound cold calling, she is also undertaking full time study towards a diploma of Sports Management and Exercise Prescription. She constantly hits her work targets by setting objectives and is solution focused. She never hesitates to help her fellow workers achieve

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