Preparing for the Working World


On Tuesday 20th September, sixty-eight Year 11 students from Aotea College turned up at Aotea Lodge to be interviewed by members of Plimmerton Rotary. 

This project has been run for a number of years proving to be a very successful partnership coordinated by Partners Porirua, Aotea College and Plimmerton Rotary.

Most students arrive quite nervous as this would be the first interview with an adult stranger that they had ever encountered. These apprehensions were shortly relieved as the interviewers were experienced and knowledgeable in the art of interviewing and assisted students in putting their ‘best foot forward’ and providing positive verbal and written feedback.

Students commented after their experience saying it was positive and worthwhile.  When asked what the main thing they learned from this experience was, some comments were; “being confident and presenting yourself well”, “It made me think about what I’m doing in the future”, “It’s not just about the skills you have, it’s also about your personality and how you act”, “Be prepared and confident”, I learnt that I should prepare for the interview beforehand”, “To be yourself and act like they are your friend”, “What you enjoy is really helpful in knowing what to do – careerwise”, “Have confidence in yourself”.

Rotarians were impressed with how future focused the students were and how they understood their pathway to get what they wanted. 

Thanks are due to Marty Donoghue from Plimmerton Rotary, who organised the event with Rachel Scott from Partners Porirua who, in turn, organised the interviews with the help of Pauline Muncey from Aotea College, a massive undertaking but well worth it.


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