Chocolate is one of the perks of the job

Success Stories

Courtney Mcallister is loving her job at Whittaker’s for obvious reasons!

Local chocolate manufacturer, and Porirua business icon, Whittaker’s approached Partners Porirua to find local young people to fill upcoming vacancies.   They were specific in wanting to help local youth get a foot onto the employment ladder.

As part of the recruitment process, Partners Porirua facilitated a ‘get to know Whittaker’s’ session for some young job seekers and arranged follow-up interviews.

Courtney was referred by Porirua Work and Income and she was very keen to gain “ANY” employment.  She shone through during the interviews and was offered a role at Whittaker’s.  The role was initially for eight weeks but because Courtney has done such a great job and the work demand is there, she has had her contract extended.

Courtney says she is enjoying working with the Whittaker’s crew and chocolate is a great perk of the job.

Courtney and Shanelle, her employer, recently spoke at the Youth 2 Work networking event.  Shanelle has only positive and encouraging words to say about Courtney’s great attitude.