Tatauranga Aotearoa Stats NZ

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Company Overview

As New Zealand’s national statistics office, Tatauranga Aotearoa Stats NZ supports the decisions that the Government, Māori and Iwi organisations, businesses, NGO’s and New Zealanders make every day. Every five years, they run the census – the official count of how many people and dwellings are in New Zealand.

The census is the only survey in New Zealand that covers the whole population. It provides the most complete picture of life in our cities, towns, suburbs, and rural areas. The data helps the government plan services. These include hospitals, kōhanga reo, schools, roads, and public transport. Councils, iwi, businesses, and other organisations also use the data to work out the needs in their area.

Commitment to youth

We are committed to the young people of Aotearoa by making sure we capture their voices. Youth are the future leaders and decision makers of this country and its important to empower them by allowing them the platform to be heard. Encouraging their voice helps them develop belief in their own self- worth and a better understanding of their place in Aotearoa.