Young jobseeker finds job of his dreams

Success Stories

Despite graduating from Victoria University in 2019 Caleb Rapson Nuñez del Prado had been unable to find job.

“Networking was the hardest barrier to getting a job I wanted. I found it very hard to get my foot in the door, to then be able to build a relationship and make an impression. Most jobs I applied to I never heard back from.”

“The team at Partners Porirua were immensely helpful connecting me with people they knew within the council (which was one of my preferred options for work) to see if they were hiring. Ultimately, they connected me with the Road Transport Forum (RTF).”

Caleb says the best thing about his job is the opportunity to learn.

“I have opportunities to increase my admin and organisational responsibilities and take on other interesting tasks. I also really enjoy being able to work closely with my superiors and to absorb as much knowledge from them as I can.

“I’ve learnt lots about the road transport industry and the realistic nature of dealing with different stakeholders. I’m also improving my professional skills and building my interpersonal skills.”

Caleb, one of the young employees featured at a recent Youth 2 Work event was praised by his supervisor Jenni, at the function, for his work ethic and his willingness to take on new tasks.