Young wahine in construction

Success Stories

Young employees Danielle Reuelu-Smith and Sharnel Quirante shared their career journeys with students and young job seekers at the recent “Women in Construction Expo”.

Danielle is a Building Apprentice at Mahi Toa and is in her second year at the company.

“Mahi Toa are a very supportive employer. I got into construction after I had my first two kids. They really support and empower women in trades.”

Danielle recommends construction as an excellent career for women. “If young women are interested in building, they can do a pre-trade course,” she says. “I did a pre-trade course at Whitireia for a year. It was great because I learned the basics. It was paid for by the government and was cross credited to my apprenticeship.”

Sharnel is an Assistant Surveyor at Brian Perry Civil and would love to see more women working in construction.

“I think young wahine should just give construction a go. I tell them there’s no harm in trying, and you might just surprise yourself.”

Sharnel started working in construction doing labour hire and is sitting her NZ Certificate in Construction Related Trades (Supervisor) Level 4 this year.

“After labouring, I was offered an apprenticeship in concrete construction before becoming an Assistant Surveyor at Perry’s,” she says. “I’ve thought about multiple career paths through surveying. There are so many options.”

Partners Porirua is working with Te Aranga Alliance to promote career pathways and job opportunities to students and young job seekers.

“The construction sector is a major employer in Porirua and is experiencing skills shortages at all levels,” says Jacqui Edwards, Partners Porirua Workforce Development Manager. “Events like this help create awareness, and it is inspiring to hear young women talking about their own career journeys.”